Twix is DC's favorite Halloween candy, survey says

As Halloween nears, you will most likely be seeing an endless amount of candy - at work, at school and or when the kids bring home their large hauls from trick-or-treating. But what is your favorite Halloween candy?

Influenster, a product discovery and review site, decided to ask the question and surveyed over 40,000 of its community members to find out what America's favorite Halloween candy is and broke it down state-by-state.

For our neck of the woods, Washington D.C.'s favorite candy is the chocolate and caramel cookie bar, Twix. In Virginia, Reese's Pieces is the candy of choice for the Commonwealth. While in Maryland, Almond Joy, the candy with the coconut-based center topped with an almond and coated with milk chocolate is the top pick there.

The Reese's Peanut Butter Cup is the candy that received the most amount of votes, according to Influenster. It is one of only three candies - along with Kit Kat and Butterfinger - to be voted top treats by every single state in the United States.

But an old classic, candy corn, is the favorite candy in the most number of states as Oregon, Wyoming, Tennessee, Texas and South Carolina chose that as its favorite.

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