Tweet looking for drugs answered by Sarasota police

If you're looking to find drugs, it may not be the smartest move to tweet about it.

The Sarasota police department spotted a call for drugs by a Twitter user asking, "Who's in Sarasota and has weed?"

Sarasota police quickly responded with a tweet of their own: "If you'd like to stop by our headquarters, our narcotics detectives would be more than happy to talk."

All joking aside, officers said drugs are no laughing matter. "It does have a serious message. We did the hashtag 'Say No to Drugs,' and we want folks to know that even though this is a little bit of a joke, it is a good reminder that you shouldn't be dealing in stuff like that," said Genevieve Judge, Sarasota police spokeswoman.

Sarasota police monitor all of their social media platforms closely, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.