TSA agents entertain travelers at SeaTac Airport

Flying can be a difficult, stressful experience.

Passengers were especially tense, and security especially tight, at Seattle, Washington's SeaTac Airport in the days after an airline employee stole an aircraft and crashed it onto a nearby island.

In spite of the tightened security, a couple of TSA agents took it upon themselves to lighten the mood by singing some key rules of the security check process to the lines of passengers.

Traveler Jennifer Jones captured the performance on her cell phone as she prepared to board a plane August 14.

As Jones passed two agents standing behind a waist-high barrier, she recorded an agent entertaining the masses with a song.

"Everything stays inside your bag, shoes may stay on," the agent sang in a style slightly reminiscent of Louis Armstrong. "Cell phone, wallet, car keys in your bags."

With another agent snapping the rhythm by his side, the agent sang, "No bottled water. No Mountain Dew. No jars of peanut butter, jelly, yogurt, won't make it through."

The performance came two days after an airline employee stole a plane and crashed it on a nearby island.

Jones said in an Instagram post accompanying her video, "the lines at SeaTac were insane… until this."

"This TSA agent rocks!" she added.

"Is anybody listening, does anybody care?" the agent sang, before he repeated the verse, prompting passengers to sing along.

Agent: No bottled…

Passengers: Water!

Agent: No Mountain…

Passengers: Dew!

Jones ended her post with several hashtags, including #lovewhatyoudo.