Trump supporters protest outside Fairfax early voting site

Trump supporters protesting outside an early voting site in Fairfax, Va. (Credit: Anthony Tilghman)

First it was mail-in voting.

Now some of President Trump's supporters are protesting in-person, early voting in Virginia.

Filmmaker Anthony Tilghman shared video of the protest Saturday in Fairfax with FOX 5:

Tilghman tells FOX 5 that the protesters first blocked the entrance to the polling site before officials forced them to move 40 feet away as required by law:

Tilghman reported that election officials eventually moved voters waiting in line inside because of the protests.

President Trump has repeatedly attacked mail-in voting on the campaign trail, saying without credible evidence the practice is ripe for fraud.

Officials in many states are boosting availability for early, dropoff and mail-in voting in light of the need for social distance during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Early voting in Virginia began Friday and will last till Saturday, Oct. 31.

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