Trump campaign rolls into DC at soon to be Trump International Hotel

Donald Trump held a press conference at an old Washington, DC Post Office, soon to be Trump International Hotel on Monday.

Trump took questions mainly focusing on his campaign before taking reporters on a tour of the first floor of the hotel.

In his opening remarks, Trump said that he will employ at least 500 people at the soon to be hotel location. The hotel is two years ahead of schedule and is set to open in September. Trump expressed that he wanted to make it one of the greatest hotels in the world.

When the event opened for questions, FOX 5's Ronica Cleary asked Trump about previous remarks he made before the South Carolina primary when he said that he could "run the table" which has not exactly happened since there are still two people in this race.

Trump answered the question by saying "I've done a lot of winning, I mean give me a break, on Super Tuesday I won four out of five and did really well in Ohio, and if I would've had two more days in Ohio I would've won it."

When asked if he has tried to change anything to run the rest of the primary, Trump answered, "We have a lot of people calling, we have so many people calling, and in terms of delegates, a lot of delegates that you're hearing about want to come with us." He continues to say that "some people are saying we're going to be a 1450, quite a bit higher. We'll see, I mean, look, hey the worst that happens I go back to this which isn't so bad."

Trump defended his record saying that he will continue to do well.