Truck that went viral now has new decal about Fort Bend County Sheriff

Earlier in the week, Karen Fonseca's truck went viral over social media when it was noticed that she had large decals on the back talking about her dislike for President Trump. Sunday, she and her husband Miguel added more stickers to it.

She says the Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls saw the truck or a picture of the truck and allegedly posted about it on social media. Days later Karen Fonseca was arrested on unrelated charges.

Now she and her husband have put up similar decals about the Sheriff on their truck. Sunday night the family spoke to media about their reasoning.

"We had been thinking about it and decided Troy Nelhs didn't think twice when we went ahead and put the Facebook post up and exposed me and my family. We are getting more positive than negative but at the same time I feel it was went about in the wrong way and the sticker fits appropriately," says Karen Fonseca.

"No one would really even know her name right now, but her family has been turned upside down and so I was disgusted like many of the hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans out there", says state representative Ron Reynolds.

The sheriff's office did not initially comment on the matter on Sunday, but Sheriff Nehls released the following statement on Monday: