Travel concerns amid coronavirus outbreak

As the coronavirus continues spreading worldwide, some would-be travelers are wondering if it’s time to change plans.

“I hope I don’t get it,” Robert Simmons said Wednesday at Ronald Regan Washington National Airport. “Like I don’t know how to protect myself.”

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“I definitely have my eyes open. I’m listening to the news. I’m reading the reports,” added another traveler, Joy Bann.

Other travelers said the same thing, but according to one travel expert, there’s no need to worry — as long as you travel smart.

Before booking that next trip, Troy Petenbrink said he encourages all Americans to visit two websites, one from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the other from the U.S. Department of State. Both are set up for travelers and are full of useful information.

(Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

On the CDC site, for instance, they list specific advice for different destinations and for those traveling on cruise ships or in the air. On the site from State, they list where Americans should travel right now and also where they shouldn’t, among other pertinent tips.

The bottom line, Petenbrink said, is if you educate yourself and follow all of the recommendations, you should be ok to travel and have a fun, safe time.

“Be cautious,” he advised. “Don’t go to the places where the CDC is saying don’t go, and where it’s saying you definitely need to be on higher alert, be on a higher alert.”

And don’t forget, there are some other really simple steps you can take to stay healthy, including avoiding sick people if possible and even just washing your hands.