Travel blogger sets new Metro speed record on first full day of Silver Line service

There's a new record for the fastest time traveling to all 97 WMATA stations. A 45-year-old travel blogger completed the transit trek Wednesday on the first full day of Silver Line service. 

Lucas Wall, the new titleholder, said he traveled from the brand-new Ashburn Station to Huntington Station in 8 hours and 54 minutes without a single break. The travel blogger took photos at each stop and documented the entire experience on his website and Facebook page.  

Wall's time — according to the Guinness Book of World Records — is almost an hour longer than the previous record of 7 hours and 59 minutes. However, Scott Bennett achieved the feat in December 2019 – well before Metro added its six new stations.

"I did this WMATA Transit Race – also known as the D.C. Metro Challenge – to raise awareness of this long-awaited transit expansion in the national capital region and set the mark transit racers must strive to beat," Wall said. "As a frequent traveler who has visited 135 countries, I fly often in and out of Washington Dulles International Airport and have been waiting decades to start and end my journeys with Metrorail."

Photo Credit: Lucas Wall

While transit racing is a hobby for people across the world, this was Wall's first time giving it a try. The idea to do it, he said, was sparked after he became one of the first commuters on the Silver Line's inaugural rides Tuesday. 

"It just seemed natural to continue that excitement Wednesday by racing through the entire Metrorail network," he said. 

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Wall said he departed Ashburn Station at 9:08 a.m. Wednesday and arrived at Huntington Station at 6:02 p.m., six minutes ahead of his goal of covering the entire Metrorail map in less than nine hours. 

He said he ate peanuts and was "grateful" for access to clean bathrooms at four stops.

Photo Credit: Lucas Wall

"Despite Metro still not having returned to pre-pandemic train frequency, I lucked out by not having any significant delays in the rail system," he said. 

Wall acknowledges that his record could soon be broken by a future Metro racer who comes up with a better plan to navigate the 97 stations. Metro’s 98th rail station, Potomac Yard, is expected to open on the Blue and Yellow lines sometime in 2023.