Trademark squatter banking on different nicknames in hopes of Redskins name change

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The Washington Redskins have had to deal with all sorts of people when it comes to the team name controversy.

The Oneida Indian Nation and the NAACP are two examples. But soon enough, they will have to deal with Martin McCaulay.

He is on the NFL's radar because he is using his powers to predict a change to Washington's team name.

"I can really see into the future on this issue," McCaulay told us. "Now when I look into the future, I see no change for ten years, and then in ten years, I see the name changing to the Washington Warriors. And if not the Warriors, then the Americans."

Anyone who can see into the future is bound to use that information for financial gain, and that is just what he has done.

He has registered the trademarks for the Washington Warriors, the Washington Americans and a slew of other potential new names for the Washington Redskins. Here is the full list:

- Washington Americans
- Washington Bravehearts
- Washington Federals
- Washington Football Club
- Washington Forces
- Washington Founders
- Washington Gladiators
- Washington Monuments
- Washington Natives
- Washington Pandas
- Washington Pigskins
- Washington Red-Tailed Hawks
- Washington Renegades
- Washington Sharks
- Washington Veterans
- Washington Tribe

Wait, are there sharks in the Potomac?

"Some people might think we have sharks on Capitol Hill," McCaulay told us.

Martin has registered so many Washington football name trademarks, he needs a cheat sheet.

I have to write them down because I can't remember them," he said. "There are so many."

He does have a personal favorite.

"My favorite is the Pandas t-shirt," said McCaulay. "It's black and white with a very fierce-looking panda … and it fits in with the theme of the city -- the panda as a symbol. It's got kind of a mean look on its face, so this is about as fierce as a panda would get."

McCaulay has 16 names registered and a number of others in the process of being trademarked. But he draws the line at any name that would be considered a joke.

"Like the Washington Red Tape or the Washington Pork Rinds," he said.

No pork rinds, no Redskin potatoes or Redskin peanuts for McCaulay. He has even come up with a possible crowd chant should the team use his Washington Warriors trademark.

"Washington Warriors come out to play," McCaulay chanted as he referred to a phrase heard in the cult film "The Warriors."

McCaulay has purchased shirts, calendars, hats, coasters, backpacks, duffel bags, coffee mugs and even foam fingers for teams that don't exist. Why? Because he has to.

"Without an intention to actually use the trademark, an applicant cannot file for the trademark," McCaulay explained.

McCaulay still owns all of these trademarks and all the stuff that comes with them. But he is no longer registering names for the Redskins because of family pleading.

"My wife drew the line after I got the Washington Football Team," said McCaulay. "She told that was enough. They knew I was getting carried away."

He acknowledges this hobby is a bit strange, but he is a gambler, and sees this as a gamble that could pay off big when, if ever, the Redskins change their name. But is it really a gamble when you have the power to see into the future?

So what future does McCaulay see for the football team this season?

"I predict they will be 7-9," he told us.

McCaulay has spend $20,000 to secure these trademarks and he has a website -- You can see all the names he owns and purchase some of his gear there too.