Tom Hiddleston talks James Bond; channels Hank Williams in new biopic, 'I Saw The Light'

Superstar Tom Hiddleston and director, Mark Abraham stopped by GoodDayDC to talk about their new Hank Williams biopic, I Saw The Light, portraying Hank Williams and about James Bond rumors?


Not only does he know how to do the two-step, Tom Hiddleston taught us how to do the two-step when he sat down to discuss the new film, Hank Williams biopic I Saw The Light.

Hiddleston said that the majority of Williams' songs were upbeat because the two-step was the dance of the day and his fans wanted to dance.

He showed Kevin the basics but then our own lucky Holly Morris actually got to join him for a spin around The Loft.


Getting the American accent down was a challenge. Europeans are used to singing with an American accent, Hiddleston said, but he did have to change his rhythm. Vowel sounds also presented a unique challenge.

"I used to struggle with 'can't'and the way Hank said it." "I can't help it if I'm still in love with you," he said in his best Hank Williams voice.

The film's director, Mark Abraham, said Hiddleston actually sung his own songs during the film so the film stayed consistent.


"I think I'd try to get him to slow down. I think he got lost. He lived at such a pitch of intensity and his life happened to him so fast. He became a star so quickly and he wasn't surrounded by anyone who could keep him grounded. A lot of people tried to take advantage of him," he said about Williams. "I think I just -- would try to get him to slow down, to sort of -- to take pleasure in the simple things which I think he lost sight of towards the end of his life."


It's safe to say Kevin McCarthy would love to see Tom Hiddleston take over the role of 'James Bond.' He even gave him a 'Bond' tie-clip and asked the million dollar question: Will he audition for the role?

"It's one of those things, I think with 'Bond,' it's hubristic to comment on it until one is invited," Hiddleston said.

Kevin, for one, hopes he is invited soon!

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