Toilet paper noose found in Anne Arundel County middle school boys' bathroom

Anne Arundel County public school officials are investigating after a toilet paper noose was discovered hanging in a boys' bathroom stall at Chesapeake Bay Middle School.

A letter was released to parents and guardians on Friday from Chesapeake Bay Middle principal Michael Dunn, calling it "a most disturbing incident."

Dunn said that the noose was found hanging from a metal beam inside the stall, but on a side of the Pasadena school that is not currently in use due to construction.

School officials say they contacted police, removed the noose, and continued to investigate the incident throughout the day.

School administrators say they are now "confident" that the person responsible has been identified, but will continue to investigate.

This comes a little over a year after two men were arrested for placing a noose at another Anne Arundel County middle school, Crofton Middle.

Dunn expressed his outrage in his letter to the school community.

"I am completely and utterly disgusted that this happened," he said.

Dunn said along with any charges from police, school officials will be seeking disciplinary action in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct.

"Quite frankly, I am also dismayed that such a terrible choice could overshadow what has been a school year focused on inclusion and unity. Too many times in our community we have had to address messages and acts that speak against all that our school stands for. It needs to stop," he said.

In April, reported that a noose and Confederate flag were found in a student's truck at Chesapeake High School.

Dunn said he is joining with Chesapeake High Principal Stephen Gorski in asking parents to speak to their children about keeping hate and bigotry out of schools.

"We truly need your help to not only keep our school a safe place for all to learn, but also to lift our community above hateful acts," he said.

Dunn said that school counselors and Student Services staff are always available for support.