Toddler's precious celebration after successfully stacking nesting cups goes viral

This 2-year-old stacked a set of nesting cups like a pro and then celebrated the personal victory in the most adorable way.

In a viral video tweeted by the little girl's mom, Clarissa is seen attempting to stack up a set of 'Grin N Grow Stack and Nest Cups' in the correct oder. Concentrated on the task at hand, she rearranges the cups over and over. And when they all perfectly fall into place, her pensive state quickly turns to shrills of excitement, she even hit a mean whip to celebrate.

In a separate tweet, Clarissa's mom wrote:

"Just so you guys know, Clarissa is 2 and is a little behind on certain things, so she's had therapy for a few months. This to me and my family is EVERYTHING. We are so proud of her."

We're so proud of her too!

Sometimes it's the small celebrations that matter the most. Here's to many more adorable victories for Clarissa.