This is considered 'middle class' income in Washington, DC area

It’s not a secret, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia are all expensive places to live. Housing isn’t cheap. 

Just going to the grocery store will set you back. So, given all that, how much money do you have to make to be considered middle class?

According to a recently published CNBC article, the low end of the DMV’s middle class requires a household income of about $74,000 per year.

Most people who talked to FOX 5 about the figure Wednesday were somewhat surprised.

"Honestly if you ain’t making more than $150,000 I wouldn’t even live here really," Iziah Cole said.

That’s depressing," added Anna Rolsma. "Have you seen the price of houses?"

The CNBC article pegged the high end of the DMV’s middle-class income as $221,000 per year.