'Tis the season for Samoas and...saisons? Pairing Girl Scout Cookies and beer

It's a perfect match made in Adams Morgan this weekend. The Black Squirrel hosts their second annual unique pairing experience of Girl Scout cookies and beer through the weekend, with a focus on local brews. They even offer gluten-free options for both!

The idea was born after one of their bartender's daughters, who was in the Girl Scouts, wanted to sell cookies a year ago.

"It's the same with food pairing, but when it comes to cookies, you're allowed to be more indulgent with the flavors," said Avalon of the Black Squirrel.

The bar will allow patrons to try the classic Trefoils with a dry pilsner, or the citrusy Lemonades with a piney, hoppy IPA.

Thin Mints? Naturally they go with a rich stout, which accents the chocolate nuttiness of the cookie.

Those beer lovers with a sweet tooth can check it all out Friday, March 3 from 5 pm until close, Saturday, March 4 from 12 pm until close, and Sunday-- if they have any left over. Beer will be sold a la carte, and cookies are complimentary.

More info:
The Black Squirrel
2427 18th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009