Tired As A Mother: Tips to deal with college students returning home

This week on FOX 5's Tired as a Mother: Health, Happiness and Hacks, we helped tackle FOX 5 viewer Michon Bunch's dilemma finding balance with a returning college student.

Bunch wrote to FOX 5:

Hi! Loving the new segment "Tired as a Mother" concept and the title. As I sat here watching the first segment with Allison, I thought of my own situation. As a mother of a recent graduate of Hampton University, I'm Tired As A Mother again! I had a break for four years and now my daughter is back at home. I was thinking this subject may interest you and help others: Mothers adjusting to gently parenting a college graduate who has returned home with the existence of some of the same pre-college rules. What is the balance? I'm still figuring it out. Holiday and summer breaks are short and sweet.

Bunch and her daughter, Mion, joined FOX 5 in The Loft for some help on setting boundaries while allowing your now adult children to continue to be responsible for themselves.

FOX 5 mom Shawn Yancy joined the discussion to share how she dealt with her son's return after graduation and how she will communicate rules to her middle son who will return home for college break this week.