Tips for exercising in the extreme cold

Don't let the cold keep you from getting in your exercise. But when you work out make sure you do it safely. Sweat D.C.'s Coach G has tips for exercising in the extreme cold temperatures.

Extreme Cold Exercise Tips:

- Cover your head: You lose 50% of heat from head.

- Layer your clothing and wear gloves: Use synthetic material to wick water away from your body and protect your hands and fingers because they tend to get frostbite first.

- Stay Hydrated: People tend to think they don't need as much fluids during the cold weather but its important to stay hydrated before, during , and after.

- Warm up before you get started: Warming up allows your muscles to raise their core temperature therefore increasing performance and preventing injury (FYI - He could demo dynamic warm up stretches).

- Know your health: Cold weather constricts breathing and could be very dangerous for individuals with asthma, bronchitis. It also raises heart rate and blood pressure. Make sure to consult your doctor before starting an outdoor cold weather exercise regimen.