Three doctors save the arm of 'Jesus'

A Snellville man is thankful he is alive and kept his arm, thanks to a trio of surgeons at Atlanta Medical Center. The three doctors helped save a patient named Jesus.

Jesus Roman, 27, from Lilburn, Georgia was on his way home from work when he got into a terrible car accident.

"I was just driving home and honestly I lost consciousness very quickly when I got hit," said Jesus Roman.

"Jesus' arm was dragged on the ground so badly that his shoulder was ground all the way down to the joint," said Nicole Gustin, Director of Public Relations at Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center. "Three of our doctors acted as the '3 Wise Men' - each bringing a different gift to Jesus to save him."

The 27-year-old man said he doesn't remember the impact of the horrible accident on Stone Mountain Highway about ten days ago. He was headed back home to Snellville after work as an electrician.

Gustin told FOX 5 that Dr. Vernon Henderson stopped the bleeding that saved Jesus' life, Dr. James Poindexter put a graft on Jesus' arm so the blood could continue to flow and the third doctor, Dr. Eric Furie covered the bone and graft with muscle to save Jesus' arm.

Doctors Vernon Henderson, James Pointdexter and Dr. Furie teamed up at the operating table. Together, they stopped the blood loss, applied a graft to allow blood to flow again and covered the reconstructed arm with muscle to save the limb.

"His arm was in grave condition when he first came to the emergency room. The muscle was shredded, the bone was fractured and the arm was in a real significant risk of having to be removed," said Dr. Furie.

The orthopedic surgeon was at the bedside of Jesus Roman for a follow up visit.

"Touch your fingers together for me," said Dr. Furie to Roman as he did a checkup after the extensive surgery.

Now the future is much brighter for Jesus Roman, thanks to his three wise men, the trio of surgeons who stitched him back together.

"I just thank God I'm still here with them, not only could I have lost my arm, I could have lost my life," said Roman.

He said his doctors are optimistic he could be using his arm within a couple of weeks. Jesus said he has been scheduled for another surgery sometime next week and another a few days after that.

He said his family will spend Christmas at his bedside which he said is a lot better than the alternative.

"I think it's a Christmas time miracle. This is a great outcome for someone who had terrible injuries," said Dr. Furie.

What a heartwarming Christmas miracle story!

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