Threat made against Muslim teacher in Georgia

A Muslim teacher at Dacula High School says she found a threatening note addressed to her in her classroom on Friday.

Mairah Teli went to Facebook page and shared the note. It says, "Mrs. Telhi your headscarf isn't allowed anymore. Why don't you tie it around your neck and hang yourself with it on your neck instead of your head...signed "America."

Teli said in her post she wanted people to see the note to raise awareness about the climate of the community. Teli added, "Spreading hate isn't going to make America great again."

In a statement given to FOX 5 on Monday, Gwinnett County public school officials said, "A threat against a staff member is a serious matter and we are investigating the incident. The school is doing all it can to identify the person who wrote and left this note."

Teli went back to Facebook on Saturday to thank the community for the support she'd been receiving.

School officials told FOX 5 there were no disruptions at the school on Monday and things were "going smoothly."

Officials also told FOX 5, the principal of Dacula High School did notify parents about the incident.

FOX 5 tried to reach Teli for comment, but she could not be reached.

Teli has been a teacher at Dacula High since August 2015.