Thousands of birthday cards pour in for Md. boy with genetic disorder

Every kid loves a birthday celebration. But not many kids get wishes from all around the world. One Maryland boy has a life that is not easy, but now, others are on a mission to bring him joy.

There is nothing routine about mail arriving here on Belview Avenue in Hagerstown. You see, this newly-minted 10-year-old gets a lot of cards. On this day, he received them from places such as Australia, Israel and France.

Jordin Bishop has a genetic disorder called Lesch-Nyhan syndrome. He has to take a lot of medicine and he is confined to a wheelchair. He also can't talk much.

His grandmother, Kiki, started a Facebook page hoping to make Jordin's birthday as special as he is.

"He's such a blessing to us," said his father, Rusty.

Let's just say Jordin's grandmother's plan worked.

"It just went crazy," Rusty said.

Cards poured in and the family was "just blown away by it." More than a thousand cards have arrived at their home.

"I get cold chills just thinking about all of the people," said Jordin's father. "They don't even know Jordin and they want to be a part of his life. A part of his birthday."

There are a couple of things Jordin likes more than cards and Spongebob SquarePants.

"He loves police cars and fire trucks," said Rusty. "Every time he sees a cop car go by, he's [says] 'popo, popo.'"

When police, firefighters and EMS in the Hagerstown area found out about Jordin, they did what they always do -- they rushed to help.

"We are community caretakers," said Hagerstown Police Lt. Gerry Kendle. "It's one of those things that we just love to do. Anything we can do to make a child smile is the greatest thing on Earth."

The first responders showed up on Jordin's birthday Tuesday with an antique fire truck and 150 cards.

"To walk in and tell him, 'Jordin, we're here to help you celebrate your birthday and to give you all these cards,' just to see his face light up was magical," said Lt. Kendle.

"Everyone he interacts with, he just makes them smile," said Jordin's father. "He has the biggest smile most of the time and he's a great kid."

Jordin is a great kid having an equally great 10th birthday.

If you would like to send Jordin a birthday card, it can be sent here:

Jordin Bishop
109 Belview Avenue
Hagerstown MD 21742