Thousands of Ashburn Farm residents affected by trash collection issue

A reported 3,000 customers in Ashburn Farm are impacted after local trash collection company Haulin' Trash filed for bankruptcy and closed. 

The Ashburn Farm Association, the local HOA, says it paid for four dumpsters that will not be replaced after Haulin' Trash shuttered operation on Dec. 1. 

The HOA says the shutdown of Haulin’ Trash immediately impacted their normal services plus all future services provided by Haulin’ Trash. FOX 5 learned Haulin’ Trash filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and the companies’ assets will be liquidated.

The Association’s Board of Trustees, management and staff reportedly started working on resolving the immediate and long-term waste and recycling issues.

"When we first moved in here it was great, they had another company," said Ashburn resident Cory Reineck. "Now it’s even worse." 

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"I think they just got understaffed and then I think some cars broke down," said Ashburn resident Amanda Boyd.