Third arrest made in death of American University graduate

A third person has been arrested in the August death of an American University graduate in D.C.'s Shaw neighborhood, according to Metropolitan Police.

Christopher Proctor, 26, was arrested February 23 and charged with Second Degree Murder While Armed in the shooting death of Matthew Shlonsky.

Marcus King, 19, turned himself in on August 20 in Shlonsky's death. 19-year-old Andre Dudley was arrested and charged in December.

Shlonsky was shot and killed outside the Shaw-Howard U Metro station. Police believe he was caught in the crossfire between two shooters, and was not the intended target.

"Our detectives continue to work diligently in our investigative efforts, and it was through a variety of different detective work that our members were able to identify, locate, and make the third arrest," said Chief of Police Cathy Lanier. "We hope it brings closure and a peace of mind to all who were invested in this case as we continue a successful investigation."