Thieves twice target home under construction in Gwinnett County

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A construction project falls behind schedule because of thieves. Twice now they have hit the same home on Tab Roberts Road in Gwinnett County leaving the builder out thousands of dollars.

The builder has cameras on the property and he is hoping someone can identify the men. Police cannot say for sure it's the same men, but they are pretty confident it's the same truck used in both burglaries.

Builder Paul Matthew said he's now behind a month after thieves have hit the home he's building twice now. The first time, the thieves walked out with an AC unit. The second time, it was custom cabinets.

Matthew said in both cases the men came around 6 a.m. and neighbors didn't think anything of it.

"They thought workers. They were gone by the time my guys came in," said Matthew.

He said these thefts have set him back about a month.

"Main thing is I was supposed to be finished by New Year's... more time, more money," said Matthew.

Which is why he wants them caught before they strike again.

"Hopefully we get them," said Matthew.

Anyone who recognizes the truck or the thieves is asked to call the Gwinnett County Police Department.