Thieves steal popular DC band's instruments before California performance

A popular D.C. band is dealing with a major setback Friday after all of their instruments were stolen out of their van while touring the west coast.

The band, RDGLDGRN (red, gold, green) woke up Friday morning at their hotel in Medford, Oregon only to find all of their instruments stolen. Guitars, an entire drum set, and some other equipment were among the instruments inside of the van. Someone gained access by using bolt cutters to cut through the lock on their trailer door.

In total, the thieves got away with about $17,000 in instruments and equipment. Some of it was irreplaceable and had sentimental value.

"My godfather before he passed away, he gave me basically my first guitar… that I could be proud of and I could play… so now it's not here anymore," one of the members explained to FOX 5.

The band started a go fund me page and the support they have received has been overwhelming. Within six hours they raised thousands of dollars - quite the testament to their fan base and friends, but they still need more.

Thankfully someone donated instruments for them to use at their show in California Friday night.

If you want to help the band out click here to see there Facebook page where the go fund me link can be found.