Thieves steal Capitol Hill resident's 2 vehicles in less than 24 hours

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A Northeast D.C. homeowner is still baffled after not one, but two of his vehicles were stolen within hours of each other.

While the victim did not want to give us his name, he wanted his story told. It all happened to him last Thursday when he left the car running along F Street near Capitol Hill.

"I parked the car on the other side of the road here, got out of the car and it was like 25 degrees, left the keys in the car, ran across about 30 to 40 feet," he explained. "As I turned around, the car was gone."

After calling the cops to report his Acura that was stolen, later that night, it happened again to his other Acura vehicle.

"On Friday morning, I walked my son to school around the corner, and when I came back trying to take the little one to daycare, I noticed that the car was gone," the victim said. "I didn't see the car so I walked inside and asked my wife, ‘Where did you park the car again?'"

Police say it appears when the original thieves took his first car, they also took his keys. So he and police believe they just walked up the street clicking the alarm and found car No. 2.

"We've got a partial tag of the first car that took it," he said. "We were told that D.C. police are looking for them."

Police say criminal activity has been jumping in January. Fifteen cars have been taken in that month alone in the neighborhood.

The victim's vehicles are both Acuras -- a 4-door sedan and an SUV.