The woman behind: 'That's the shark's house' viral video

Her videos usually begin in her car while she is on her way to work.

You may know her as 'Shark Lady, Pooh Nash, or Sister Pooh.' But the woman behind the viral 'Summer Safety tips' video is Veronica Nash.

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The Ringgold, GA woman shared her thoughts on the recent shark attacks this summer--and the video went everywhere.

"Go to the beach, don't go to the ocean. The ocean is the shark's house." OK?" Nash explained. "The shark has the right to eat you up when you're in his house."

After posting the video, her Facebook followers grew and people wanted more videos!

She has been posting her daily Facebook videos since May of 2015.

"I just turned my phone on and started talking." "The things I said made sense to me, and other people in the word."

"I had no idea these people in the world would see my videos," said Nash.

Nash continues to post daily videos that aren't scripted. She also features a video called "Word of the day" on her page.

"When I started doing it, it was just something fun.. I thought maybe a few people would see it," she explained.

Nash now has over 149,692 followers.

Her goal is to share positivity in a time when it's needed most.

"With all the negativity going on in the world, I'm just the bright spot in some people's lives."

She just wants to bring a smile to everyone's day.

"That's just my thing, I want to be positive," She said. "Years ago, I found out my blood type was B + and that's what I'm about."

"Positivity just runs through my veins," said Nash.

As of now, she is a counselor in Chattanooga, Tennessee but she wouldn't turn down an opportunity in Hollywood.

"I just want you to be safe, be happy, I love you and stay out them oceans--Jesus."