The stimulus check isn’t enough. We did the math.

Check your bank accounts. Chances are you are about $1,042.70 richer. That’s because millions of Americans received their $1,200 stimulus check—after taxes, of course, but is that enough money?

We crunched the numbers to show you how far that money would stretch.

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According to, here are the average costs of a one-bedroom apartment:

  • WASHINGTON D.C. - $1,369
  • GAITHERSBURG - $1,589
  • ALEXANDRIA - $1,643

What about car insurance?

According to U.S News, driving in our area varies. Here are the average costs:

  • WASHINGTON D.C. - $132.50
  • MARYLAND - $129.27
  • VIRGINIA - $78.80

When you add in average grocery prices, a single person could spend in excess of $2,500 a month for food, shelter and car insurance.

Financial expert Steve Siebold says the best thing to do with the stimulus check is to spend it wisely.

“If you’re getting a check for $1,200 you don’t have any money most likely. I would recommend buying food and keeping some of the cash and possibly not paying certain debts until we know when we’re all going to go back to work,” says Siebold.

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