'The Case For Impeachment' author says he believes Trump's strongest vulnerability is clear

More than a year after it first came out, a book titled "The Case For Impeachment" laid out scenarios under which President Trump may be impeached.

That book is now gaining more traction, especially in light of the developments last week involving the guilty plea by former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

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Book author, Doctor Allan Lichtman, joined FOX 5 in studio and shared that when he began the book, he thought the strongest vulnerability for President Trump was the Russia investigation.

Now, he says, there may be an even stronger vulnerability.

"Look what Donald Trump has done," said Lichtman. "According to sworn testimony and lots of other information, he paid hundreds of thousands of dollars of hush money to conceal allegations of affairs."

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"He then did not report any of those payments even though they were designed to help his campaign and apparently the payments came through the trump organization," Lichtman continued.

Lichtman said he believes Trump violated campaign laws that were put into place to prevent these types of actions.

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"So we have crime. is it a high crime under the constitution? absolutely. because it affected the election of the President of the United States."