Texas teacher adopts 16-year-old student

A Texas teacher went above and beyond the call of duty by adopting one of the students in her classroom.

Anthony Berry, 16, spent the weekend celebrating with his new mother, Bennie Berry. The duo officially became a family at an adoption ceremony in Beaumont, Texas last Friday.

"I didn't think the day would ever come because of the fact that I didn't want to be adopted," the teen said. "Then, I met my mom. I started talking to her and we just kind of clicked."

Anthony was one of 18 kids adopted into new homes last week. His story is unique from all the others because he asked his teacher to step up and become his new mom. It was a request Mrs. Berry couldn't believe at first.

"At first I thought he was making jokes until he actually explained the situation," the educator said. "Then, we struck a deal. Finish an assignment and then you can show me the website."

Anthony is now urging others to consider adoption.

"Take into consideration that if someone doesn't love you, there is always someone that will love you."

Anthony is the oldest child to be adopted in Jefferson County. The youngest child settling into a new home after last weekend's ceremony is a one-year-old.