Texas man held without bond after being arrested outside of White House, making threats online

A Texas man is being without bond after he was arrested outside the White House Monday, and made threatening posts on Facebook.

Michael Arega made his first appearance in federal court on Tuesday, where the judge ordered a competency exam to see if he's fit to stand trial.

Police said Arega posted threats against the president and all white police officers.

A court affidavit filed in the case says Arega is going through a divorce, is not welcome at this church, lost his job in the last week or so, and has stopped taking medication for a bipolar disorder.

His wife, who was monitoring his Facebook page, called Montgomery County police on Monday to say the 37-year-old was staying at a Days Inn in Silver Spring and had made troubling comments on social media.

One of those posts, according to the affidavit said: "Kill him in Jesus name" over a photograph of the president. Another said, "put him on jail Donald J. Trump in mighty name of Jesus Christ."

And a third said: "Now I am going to there to White House make sure kill all white police."

The Secret Service located Arega on the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue near Lafayette Park where he was detained and arrested by uniformed officers at around 4:05 p.m., officials say. He was not armed with a weapon when he was taken into custody.

An officer who had been shown Arega's photo spotted him as he was asking people outside the White House if the officers' guns were real.