Terrifying video captures deadly gender reveal party in Mexico

Terrifying video shows the moment a gender reveal party went terribly wrong in Mexico.

A couple hired a pilot to drop colored dust over their announcement party in Sinaloa: Red for a girl and blue for a boy.

But as the plane flew over the crowd, one of its wings started to break apart.

The aircraft turned over in the sky and crashed into some nearby bushes. Cell phone video captures the screams of those on the ground and a bit of what happened in the sky. 

The pilot was pulled from the wreckage and rushed to the hospital but was later pronounced dead.

Gender reveal parties are supposed to be a fun way of telling family and friends whether parents are about to welcome a girl or a boy into the world.

But in recent years, they've gone horribly wrong. 

In 2018 for example, a car went up in flames during a prolonged burnout of blue smoke. 

And in 2020, a firefighter died while battling the El Dorado Fire started after a gender reveal party went awry in San Bernardino County. 

The hosts of that event had brought a small group of people to a field, good for photo ops, to set off a machine that spewed either blue or pink smoke to reveal the gender of the baby. The smoke, set off in the grassy field on a hot day.

The couple was charged with felony involuntary manslaughter and recklessly causing a fire to an inhabited structure.