Temporary mural painted outside of Ben's Chili Bowl

Over a month after the mural outside of Ben's Chili Bowl was painted over in white, a temporary mural with the words of "peace," "love," "hope" and "unity" is now being featured outside of the D.C. landmark.

The old mural, which was originally painted back in 2012 and featured comedian and actor Bill Cosby, former President Barack Obama, D.C. musician Chuck Brown and D.C. radio legend Donnie Simpson, was wiped clean back in January.

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The temporary mural was put up this week and is expected to last for the next four months while Ben's Chili Bowl continues to take suggestions and allow for voting of nominees on their website.

"The mural alongside Ben's was painted in 2012. Now, after 5 years of braving the elements, its time to refresh and repaint the mural and we want your input!" Ben's Chili Bowl's website said.

To cast your vote on who should be featured on the next mural, go to benschilibowl.com/vote/