Temple Hills dog owner claims neighbor's Bulldog attacked her Pomeranian and fiancé

A dog owner in Prince George's County is furious after her pup was allegedly attacked by a neighbor's dog on Sunday, raising concerns about community safety and the effectiveness of animal control measures.

Darlene Hall, the owner of Dani, a 3-year-old Pomeranian, spoke with FOX 5 exclusively about the terrifying incident that occurred on Huntley Square Drive in Temple Hills. 

According to a Prince George's County police report shared with FOX 5, Richard Cobb, Hall's fiancé, was walking Dani on a leash when an American Bulldog approached and began biting Dani. 

Cobb intervened, attempting to free Dani, but ended up being bitten on the hand himself.

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Stephon Johnson, the owner of the American Bulldog, showed up and tried to calm his dog down. He allegedly admitted to police that he had left his front door open and witnessed the altercation from outside. 

Hall now fears that the American Bulldog may pose a threat to other pets or individuals in the community if not properly controlled.

She told FOX 5 that she's feeling "terrible" watching Dani in pain. 

"She loves for us to pick her up. When you do, sometimes, she screams. Especially in the beginning, she would scream," Hall said. "She hasn't been acting how she used to be."

"I don't look at her as a dog," she continued. "I look at her like that's my child. Everybody knows how I feel about my baby."

While Hall shared her concerns with Prince George's County Animal Control, she feels that more needs to be done to prevent similar incidents in the future. 

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"I'm angry at the fact that I feel like I didn't do enough, but I know I did as much as I could at the time," Cobb said.

The police report states that Prince George’s County Animal Control would talk with the American bulldog's owner at a later date.

FOX 5 called and emailed Prince George's County Animal Control, and we are waiting for officials to get back to us. 

Meanwhile, in addition to the emotional toll of the attack, Hall faces significant medical bills as a result of Dani's injuries. She plans to pursue legal action against Johnson in civil court. 

Efforts to reach Johnson for comment have been unsuccessful.