Teen critically hurt car surfing, mom speaks to spare another family

Andrew Green's family says they are speaking out for one reason: They don't want anyone else to go through what he is going through.

"This is a child that was totally sober, drunk on having fun, high on happiness, and having fun with his friends," his mother, Janelle Porter said.

Not known to his mother for taking risks, 17-year-old Andrew is the school mascot for Columbus Heights High School, sings in choir, performs in the drama club and plays in the band. Currently, the high school senior is in a medically-induced coma with part of his skull removed to release pressure after an accident car surfing.

Unlike what police have reported about Andrew standing on top of the hood of a car as it was moving, his family says it was a spur of the moment decision Tuesday night. Several of his friends got in a car, and he climbed on the hood stomach down, holding to the front as he faced forward. When the driver reached about 20 miles per hour and made a turn, Andrew rolled off, hitting his head on the road, cracking his skull and immediately started to seizure.

Over the past five days, doctors at North Memorial said his condition has slightly improved. Now, as prosecutors consider charges against the teenage driver, family is clear they don't want any.

"There are two victims in this. She needs help, too. She needs comfort. She needs to know that we are not angry and Andrew would not want that. Don't blame her," his sister Alexi Weichert said.

The only thing family might blame themselves for is if they didn't warn other teen from making the same mistake.

"If one child can spare himself and his family from what my son is going through, that's the only reason why I'm talking," Porter said.

How to help

Andrew Green Donation Fund has been set up at Wells Fargo.