Teen charged in vicious Oak Park hair salon attack

A 17-year-old suspect in a vicious attack at a hair salon in Oak Park has been arrested Wednesday after the victim came forward to tell her story.

The blindside attack by a hairdresser on her client resulted in the eviction of the salon owner from Greenfield Plaza, but it also led to something else.

"We promptly investigated it and we did make an arrest," said Oak Park Police Lt. Troy Taylor.

FOX 2 first aired the story on Tuesday night at 10 p.m. The arrest came Wednesday just shortly after.

Police say the victim came to police with her mother and filed charges. Now the 17-year-old hair dresser has been charged with assault and battery.

"It's not tolerated in our community, nor should it be tolerated in society," Taylor said.

Police say the arrest comes two weeks after the attack was recorded, and should also put people on notice that in this day and age nothing stays secret for long.

"With the end result here of someone being criminally charged and the prevalence of social media being out there it's very hard to get away with some of these things," Taylor said.

Even though the suspect is just 17, police say she will still be charged as an adult.