Teen attacked by dog as toddler meets Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow shared a touching photo on Facebook with a North Carolina teen, who is about to celebrate an extra special 16th birthday.

"Met a new hero tonight," Tebow said. "Please join me in praying for and encouraging him with a birthday card."

Tebow was referring to Garrett Brown, who was attacked by a dog when he was a toddler. The attack left him blind and with massive facial injuries.

Over the years, Garrett has undergone 15 surgeries and has been treated at medical facilities all over the United States including Miami, Maryland and here in Georgia. Garrett's last procedure was in 2006 in Atlanta. Surgeons opened up his right eye, but said it would be up to his brain to make the connections to see again, according to his mother Jessie Brown.

"We continue to research new technology in hopes he can see again one day. He will likely have some cosmetic surgeries once he is done growing," Brown told FOX 5.

Brown said her son is very smart, loves country music and enjoys audio books. He's a sophomore at Hayesville High School where he is in the National Beta Club. He previously attended The School for the Blind, but it was too far away from their home.

Garrett continues to overcome adversity, but as one can imagine it has been tough for him. His mother thinks birthday cards will really lift his spirits. On Facebook she said he loves receiving mail, but hasn't gotten a card since his grandmother passed away, which was a few years ago.

In December, we introduced you to a little girl from New York who suffered severe burns in a house fire. Safyre Terry captured the hearts of millions after her story went viral when she asked for Christmas cards. Brown said her son learned about Safyre's Christmas wish and told family members he wanted cards too.

On February 29, Garrett will turn 16-years-old. You can make his celebration extra sweet by sending a card to the following address:

To learn more about this brave young man, click here.

Met a new hero tonight... Garrett Brown! Please join me in praying for & encouraging him with a birthday card. Check out his story!https://www.facebook.com/cardsforgarrett/