Tech company leader charged with sexual assault in Bethesda

The CFO of a Northern Virginia tech company is facing over 20 years behind bars for an alleged sexual assault that police say all started at a holiday party held at the Bethesda Country Club in 2017.

According to court documents, 42-year-old Jason Delano, of Bethesda, left the country club with a woman and accompanied her to her apartment where the alleged rape took place.

Delano, who is married with three children, was the CFO and founding member of Aderas Incorporated. As of now, his name and picture have been removed from the website.

Court documents state that on December 7, 2017, a female victim and a witness went to Bethesda Country Club for dinner and drinks. The documents say the victim drank three glasses of wine and became intoxicated to the point where she needed to rest her head on a table inside a restaurant.

That's when Delano allegedly walked away from his holiday party in another section of the club. Court documents say he walked up to the victim and accompanied her for a walk around the club to get some fresh air. The victim says the next thing she remembers is waking up in the witnesses SUV with Delano sitting next to her.

They arrived at the victim's apartment where she remembers stepping out of the car and vomiting on the floor. The victim alleges Delano helped her upstairs to her apartment -- where the alleged rape took place. The victim claims she's never had sex before prior to the incident.

Officers arrested Delano on May 8 and charged him with second-degree rape and a fourth-degree sex offense. He posted a $100,000 bail a day later.

FOX 5 tried reaching out to Delano for comment at his Bethesda home but were met with no response.

A neighbor did decide to weigh in on the allegations.

"Well, if she's drunk she can't give consent. Obviously, it's rape, by definition, and he should know that. That's common knowledge. I don't know what else to say. It's crazy, it's terrible. I'm so sorry for her," said the neighbor.

FOX 5 contacted the Bethesda Country Club for comment but we haven't received a response yet. We also contacted his place of employment, but they had no comment.

Delano is set to appear in court on June 9.