Teacher shows students dangers of over sharing online when note goes viral on Facebook

An Oklahoma teacher's Facebook post has gone viral around the world - and she did it to show her students the dangers of over sharing online.

6th grade teacher Melissa Bour says she friended an Emerson Elementary student of hers on Facebook, and when she did, it opened the door to how her pupils were not acting so much like star students online.

Bour posted a letter on Facebook. In it she claims some of her sixth graders were posting selfies on Facebook in skimpy clothing and some were frequently flipping off the camera.

Bour noted that these images could easily spread on Facebook and get out of control.

"My generation was the one that kind of made Facebook big - and we have a tendency to overshare. These students are just falling into that. You have to remind them that, just because everyone else is sharing, doesn't mean you have to share," Bour said.

Bour believes now is not a time for shame but for some education on one of life's hardest lessons: what you post online could spread fast and live forever on in the internet.

In her letter, Bour asked Facebook users to share it and it has gone to nearly every state – even to Australia and Germany.

"My sheet of paper, with the green writing on it, made it around the world. So what do you think is going to happen to students who have inappropriate things up, and how far is that going to reach?" Bour said.

Bour said she is glad she can teach one of life's lessons in the classroom the easy way instead of her students finding out the consequences later in life the hard way.

And the lesson continues. Even though the original post is no longer on Facebook, copies are being shared on other social media outlets.