Teacher shares special handshakes with elementary school students

A Colorado teacher is getting cool points for a hands-on approach to greeting his fifth grade class.

Danny Cohoon shares a special bond with his students at Pete Mirich Elementary School. So much so, he's created personalized handshakes inspired by each kiddo's personality.

Students line up at the start and end of class to fist bump, twirl, heel-tap and carry-out other intricate gestures. And of course, Cohoon knows them all by heart. Every. Single. One.

The administration supports the enthusiasm Cohoon brings to his classroom.

"We have a high at risk population and one of our main goals has been to focus on student affirmation." Mike Andrews, the school principal, told FOX 5, "Mr. Cohoon is a great example of how we're striving to meet the social and emotional needs of our kiddos, in addition to their academic needs."