Taylor Gourmet owner faces backlash after meeting with President Trump

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A local D.C. sandwich shop owner is getting backlash on twitter and Facebook because he attended a small business meeting at the White House with President Trump.

Taylor Gourmet, the D.C. lunch chain is facing a barrage of bullying from anti-trump people who say they'll never eat at the restaurant again.

On Monday owner Casey Patten was invited to a small business white house round table. Patten took part, and here is how he described that meeting, "Just an exhilarating morning to be able to spend it with the President whose eyes and ears were open to the issues that we as small businesses. One, trying to grow. Two, trying to bring employees in and three trying to navigate the regulations that have been set before us."

Since Patten met with President Trump, twitter trolls have been verbally attacking his sandwich shop. Some saying they'll never eat at the restaurant again, others posting pictures deleting the Taylor app.

The nasty backlash against the sandwich shop owner is fueled by people who apparently don't like President Trump, and are angry with Casey Patten for meeting with him.

There have also been personal threats to go along with this, and law enforcement has been alerted. Customers told us, when political disagreements turn into harassment and threats - things have gone too far.

Patten has received many messages of support now both from members of congress who posted pictures buying lunch from the sandwich shop and even chef Jose Andres.