Tampa woman bought PresidentTrump.com in 2013

In 2013, a Tampa woman heard Donald Trump give a speech. Three years later, she doesn't remember the specifics of his message on that particular occasion, but she remembers the feeling of her intuition telling her, "this man could run for President of the United States one day."

Julie Magill deals in real estate. She is also the owner of the domain name and website at PresidentTrump.com.

She bought the domain name because she thought it might be worth more than what she paid for it - $9 - to someone else one day. She was right.

"Trump was probably the first one I purchased as an investment. We purchased some for our air conditioning company. I purchased one for my real estate company, and Trump was probably one of my very first investments," Magill explained.

PresidentTrump.com may have been the first, and could prove to be the most lucrative of her domain purchases - but she owns around 20 domain names today. She sees it as real estate of a different kind.

Magill said she buys domains based on current trends. The latest trend to catch her eye is drone racing. She said she heard a news story about the rise in popularity of the sport, so she bought up domain names related to teams, companies and races in hopes someone would one day approach her and buy them up.

As for PresidentTrump.com, Magill has received offers for the domain and, as candidates have dropped out of the race, the offers have skyrocketed. She said her first offer, around the time Trump announced his candidacy, was for $600. Since then, she's been offered $10,000, $20,000, even $43,500 for the domain.

Magill said she's also received plenty of negative messages about the domain.

"I was getting hate responses," she recalled. "'You'll be sorry if he becomes our president.' 'Are you crazy?' 'He's never gonna make it.' 'He's a racist,' Just all types of stuff like that. But I just delete," she smiled.

While she admitted the money was hard to turn down, she remains intent on selling the domain to the man she hopes will be elected president in November - Donald Trump.

Magill said she has reached out to the Trump campaign, to Donald Trump's family members on Twitter, and to the candidate himself, but hasn't received a response. She holds out hope he will eventually be in contact.

When asked if she considered the possibility of Trump not being elected, making her investment in PresidentTrump.com worth far less, she said it's worth it to wait.

"That's a chance I have to take, and I hope I don't kick myself," she said. "But I have a good feeling that he'll pull it off. "

Magill got tickets to Donald Trump's rally in Tampa for Saturday. She and her 16-year-old grandson, also a Trump supporter, are going together. She was hopeful she could get the attention of a campaign staffer at the rally.

"I just wish I could hold up a banner with the website on it, but they won't let you do that," she said with a laugh.

No matter what, Julie Magill said she believes Donald Trump is the best candidate for president.

"I think he's probably the best qualified candidate right now. I don't like the other side at all," she explained.

As for whether she's researched other domains related to this, or any future presidential races, she said she has looked at the names of popular senators and considered other popular figures, but she already knows PresidentClinton.com is not available.