Talking politics at the hair salon

Talking politics is always a bit risky, people are passionate, and if you disagree the conversation can quickly take a turn.

But this Presidential election is proving to be like none other, the antics and the fights, there's just too much to talk about and you cannot avoid it.

So it's only natural the conversation makes its way into the hair salon, where the topic can be a bit dicey for the stylists.

Hair stylists play many roles including image consultant, friend, therapist, but debate moderator is one role that many say they're sick of playing, especially during this election.

This time of year curling irons aren't the only things heating up in valley salons. Stylists say politics take the place of pampering at Mane Attraction Hair Salon, and the first line of defense is conversation redirection.

"Most people can usually sense if we don't want to talk about it," said Kendall Ong.

And if they sense an unscheduled debate among customers, they turn the chair right around.

For some clients the rule is when you head for a trim, cut the serious stuff.

"When you come get your hair done, you're not talking about the stressful things in life," said Jami Gray.

Even though many stylists want to keep politics out of their chair, a few wouldn't mind getting their hands on a candidates hair.

"Definitely Trump, just get some off the top," said Greg Gutierrez.