'Swatting' hoax investigated in Montgomery County after large police response to home in Wheaton

Police say they found a home in Montgomery County unoccupied after a report of a possible hostage situation was received and are now investigating to see if the incident was a 'swatting' hoax.

The call for a possible barricade and hostage situation was received Thursday morning. Officers say the incident was reported around 10:30 a.m. to a house on Ferrara Drive in Wheaton.

Police originally said the incident was reported as a domestic incident with a possible hostage. Dozens of officers and emergency crews responded to the area of Ferrara Drive and Indigo Road Staging areas were set up and several roads int he area were closed.

After entering the house around noon, police say they found it unoccupied.

Officers are now investigating the possibility that the report they received was a 'swatting' hoax. A 'swatting' hoax is a prank call made to emergency services regarding a false emergency situation in order to bring about a large response from emergency crews.

No injuries were reported. FOX 5's Anjali Hemphill spoke with the owner of the home to which police were called. He says he, his wife, and their baby were not home when police arrived. He added that he does not know who would make the false call.Police are still investigating at this time.