Suspected serial groper - arrested more than 60 times - jailed again for suspected sex assault in DC

A 57-year-old man, whose lengthy criminal record includes over 60 arrests, has been arrested again after police say he groped a woman in Northwest D.C.

Michael Hilliard was arrested Wednesday morning after a woman told police he grabbed and groped her while she was walking in the 1600 block of 7th Street. Officers say he faces misdemeanor sexual abuse charges in this incident.

This was not the first time Hilliard had been arrested for a suspected sex assault, police say. Investigators say Hilliard, who has no fixed address, has been arrested more than 60 times over the past 30 years. A search of court records showed that he faced mostly misdemeanor charges in those previous arrests, some of which were traffic related.

Prior to his last arrest on Wednesday, police say Hilliard was arrested less than two weeks ago in connection with several sexual assaults that took place on January 11th and 12th - also in the Northwest.

Detectives say Hilliard is in custody and is expected to make a court appearance Friday.