Suspect in DC lawyer's murder leaves lengthy trail of tweets

Posing as a man, Gallmon responded to the ad and met the victim at The Donovan Hotel on the night of February 9, 2015 with the intention of robbing him, according to court documents. Police say things didn't go as Gallmon planned, and she stabbed him to death.

Since FOX 5's Paul Wagner first broke news of the arrest, we've spoken with people who say they are surprised by Gallmon's arrest. They described Gallmon as quiet, gay and a terrific basketball player.

But what do her tweets say about her? We reviewed several months of history from her @_thelifeofjayy_ Twitter account, which was confirmed to FOX 5 through several people connected to her.


"Please don't think just because I'm goofy and sometimes quiet around ppl idk that I won't still pop off on your s*** young," said Gallmon in a tweet from N ovember.

"I'm the biggest ass**** but I have the biggest heart for the ppl I care about," she tweeted in December.

And last October, she sent the following tweet, which has been edited because it includes the N-word and the F-word. "N***** say they hate the cops.. How about you just stop committing f****** crimes dumb asses." (Link to tweet)


A few days prior to the February 9 killing, Gallmon seemed upset. "I honestly have no one to talk to," she tweeted. "I will not spend the rest of my life fighting the same fight," she also said.


Gallmon's Twitter feed was quiet the day of the crime, but days later, frustration was building again. She tweeted "I cant f****** wait to leave young.. I need a break.. Something new." (Link to tweet)

The suspect continued to tweet about new beginnings, including "I just want a fresh start. This waiver need to hurry up."


Last week, we learned that Gallmon worked briefly with MVP Protective Services in late 2014. She told her boss that she resigned to pursue a career in law enforcement.

After leaving that job, she tweeted multiple times about money. "Into making money I ain't into making friends," Gallmon tweeted in March.


According to court documents, Gallmon claimed the victim grabbed her arm and caused a "flashback" to a prior assault. Turns out, she used that word before on Twitter, but in a different context. "Ever had sex so good you have flashbacks??I know I do ??" she tweeted January 19.


As the search for the person of interest seen on hotel surveillance video continued into March, Gallmon showed signs of unhappiness with her life. "I just wish could start over," Gallmon tweeted March 25.

Gallmon pleaded not guilty through her lawyer last week, citing an "imperfect self-defense." She is being held without bond.

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