Surge in vaping incidents at Montgomery County school shines spotlight on e-cig epidemic

A Montgomery County high school's recent warning to parents about vaping is shining a spotlight on what has become a national epidemic according to federal health officials.

Quince Orchard High School Principal Beth Thomas sent a note to parents last week warning about the "recent rise in vaping and Juuling incidents."

According to the email, in the last two weeks administrators caught students using, buying or selling vaping devices with nicotine or marijuana a dozen times.

Sources tell FOX 5 that administrators have even locked bathrooms during periods such as lunch to prevent students from going in to smoke electronic cigarettes.

A Montgomery County Schools spokeswoman said the bathrooms were locked temporarily during an investigation.

Vaping is not just a problem at Quince Orchard or unique to Montgomery County.

The Surgeon General took the recent step of calling teen vaping an epidemic and experts worry e-cigs have the potential to get an entire generation hooked on nicotine, especially given the fruity and exotic flavors seemingly aimed at teens.

The note from Quince Orchard's principal warned that consequences for students found vaping included in or out of school suspension, detention and even a possible citation from Montgomery County Police.