Supportive good dog jumps with joy after owners receive college scholarship

His owners jumped with joy but the very good dog jumped even higher!

Mayeli Saldana and Nayeli Saldana are getting ready to head to college. The twin sisters applied for scholarships and when they learned they would each be receiving thousands in tuition money they screamed with joy. But no one was more excited to hear about the 'paw-sitive' news than Fisher, their Golden Retriever.

The very good boy got on his hind legs, joined in on the jumps and even hugged both girls. Not that is support!

Mayeli will be majoring in finance and will be attending the University of Texas. Nayeli is attending its rival school, Texas A&M University, where she will be pursuing a major in kinesiology.

The twins are heavily involved in school, and have completed over 15 summer programs at different universities to prepare for college life.

But we know their combined success is also thanks to their 'paw-some' support system at home, one that includes a four-legged family member.