Stuttering Since ’02 podcast empowering children with stutters

Being a teen can be hard enough, but when you have a stutter it can be devastating. Jared Glickfield, however, decided that wasn’t going to be the outcome of his story. Instead of letting his stutter define him, he embraced it and turned it into a positive thing.

That positive thing is his podcast: Stuttering Since '02.

Jared, now 17, says he's always thought of his stuttering as a part of him so he's hoping the podcast will give other kids the confidence to embrace their stuttering too.

"I hope that other students and kids see that there is someone else going through their same experience. Sometimes I speed through my speech, I stop talking, I repeat things, but it's just normal speech and taking out all of that it's just who I am," he says.

Dr. Tommie Robinson, Jr. is the Chief of the Division of Hearing and Speech at Children’s National Hospital and works with Jared on techniques to manage his stuttering. He also encouraged him to start the podcast.

"This podcast is probably the best thing since sliced bread," Robinson shared.

He's hoping it will help other teens develop the same tenacity and determination he sees in Jared.

"What's good about Jared is he really doesn't care what you think about him so what he does is he's going to get his message across,” Robinson continued. “He took a lot of responsibility or takes a lot of responsibility for his stuttering."

And it's that sense of responsibility that drives the Montgomery County teen to share what he can to help other kids who stutter.

"My stuttering experience overall has been positive and I don't think other kids have that and I'm just trying to give other kids that positive experience,” Jared explained.

Both Jared and Robinson want you to know if you come across someone else who stutters.

"Just give them time because I had a lot of things to say and sometimes it takes me time to say it," Jared said.

Jared says he’d love to have former Vice President Joe Biden or hitmaker Ed Sheeran on his podcast someday.

FOX 5 and Easterns Automotive Group teamed up to help Jared to continue to Pay It Forward. Joel Bassam of Easterns Automotive Group presented Jared with Stuttering Since ’02 promotional swag and a $500 gift card to support the podcast.

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