Students at Montgomery County high schools stage walk-out, march to protest Donald Trump's election

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More than one hundred students from several Montgomery County high schools staged a walk-out and march Monday to protest Donald Trump's presidential victory.

The demonstration began at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring at around 10:30 a.m. Students at Northwood High School, Albert Einstein High School, and John F. Kennedy High School also reportedly took part in the protest.

The student protesters marched north on Route 29 to University Boulevard and then made their way to the Westfield Wheaton Shopping Center in Wheaton, Md. Police officers were close by as the students marched.

Some students held signs that read, 'Not My President' as they marched along the protest route.

The superintendent of Montgomery County Public Schools, Jack R. Smith, had already raised some eyebrows over a letter to parents last week calling the election "particularly difficult" and making counselors available so student deal with their "concerns and feelings." Many students took a cue, from that letter saying they didn't want to talk to a counselor - they wanted to send a direct message to Donald trump.

On Friday, Smith issued his letter to parents - following the discovery of anti-Jewish messages in a Bethesda middle school. Smith says his goal in sending the letter was not to take sides in the president election results, but rather assure parents that school officials were prepared to assist student process the election results in a positive manner.

The demonstration lasted several hours. Some students who gathered outside of the shopping center moved to Silver Spring where the protests continued at Veterans Plaza.

No arrests or injuries were reported.