'Stop The Robots' protestors target artificial intelligence convention

AUSTIN, Texas - Major strides have been made in artificial intelligence technology. So much so, it could soon impact the way we work and live.

It was a hot topic during Austin's South-By-Southwest Festival over the weekend, with some saying the impact these so-called "robots" will have on our future should not be welcomed.

IPsoft has been around for about 16 years. They recently launched an artificial intelligence platform called "Amelia." it's an android that interacts like a human with the ability to think like a human rather than simply mimic thought processes.

"I think it's going to be the biggest revolution that man has ever seen," said Chetan Dube, Ceo of IPsoft.

Over the next decade, we're expected to see AI technology transform businesses and our society.

"I'm convinced that we'll be passing someone in the hallways and not be able to recognize if it's a human or an android. Those androids will become very effective allies of humans.

Whether it be flying a plane, harvesting crops, driving a car or doing chores, the possibilities are endless.

That's the message Dube gave to other tech experts in a SXSW presentation on Saturday.

But not everyone is accepting of the idea.

Members of the campaign "Stop The Robots" picketed Saturday afternoon at the Austin Convention Center.

They want to raise awareness about the dangers we could face.

"Technology and humans working together for the greater good of humanity rather than having robots at war that have only one moral complex. You unleash it in a city and all of a sudden there is destruction, things like that. We create artificial intelligence that's smarter than us, why would it ever keep us alive," said protestor Adam Mason.

Dube says that is not the case.

"Wouldn't it be brilliant if man brought life to another planet like Mars? Those are things that machines can never do. Machines can be the most faithful servant known to man-kind who will assist man in realizing those dreams," she said

He hopes the public will realize the significance this can have on our future.