Stolen puppy returned to Prince George's County Animal Shelter

A newborn pit bull puppy that was stolen from the Prince George's County Animal Shelter has been safely returned to the shelter.

Officials say they received a call from a woman stating that they had seen the report on FOX 5 and wanted to know if they would be arrested if they returned the puppy. After several calls and hang ups, a woman ran into the shelter with the puppy, and left it there without saying anything.

The puppy was check out and is fine and healthy, the shelter says that the puppy is back safely "thanks to FOX 5."

It is up to police whether charges will be pursued.

Previously, two dognappers were caught on camera stealing a newborn pit bull puppy from the Prince George's County Animal Shelter, and workers said the pup would likely die if he was not reunited with his mother soon. Thankfully he was Wednesday evening.

It happened Monday around 1:30 p.m. One of the men was at the shelter to license his pets and the second man seemed to be his friend. Surveillance footage shows the men walking down a hallway and spotting a mother pit bull and her litter of ten puppies through a glass window.

The men go to the cages for a closer look, then one man comes out to distract an employee in the hall while the second man makes off with the three-week-old puppy under his jacket.

Pit bulls are banned in the county, and Taylor said banned breeds are relocated to other counties where they are legal to be adopted out.

As of Wednesday evening the puppy was returned safely to the shelter.